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About Me
I have loved drawing since I was a little girl. My other love was animals, particularly horses.

As a child my one wish was to own a pony. I had a succession of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, along with family cats and dogs, and I learned to ride when I was 9. At the age of 14 I finally owned my own pony.  

My favourite subject at school was Art.  My school books were filled with drawings of horses, (which didn’t really impress my other teachers very much!)  I lived and breathed horses and animals, and when I wasn’t around them I would be drawing them. I took O level and A Level Art, but instead of going on to Art College, I went to work in a Building Society. The Art still took on a role there, as I quite often ended up drawing the pets of other staff members. I would also draw and paint horse or pet portraits for friends .

I could never really settle to office work, so In 1982 I left, and with the aid of my father, bought and started a Riding School.  At the same time I was still drawing and painting animals. I bought an Arabian colt foal, who I also showed.

Sadly the Riding School didn’t really work out and was sold. I didn’t want to return to office work so I took a gamble, and in 1985 I started to paint Animal Portraits as a business with the help of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme. Many years, many portraits, and a lot of life experiences later, I am  now in the very privileged position of still continuing the work that I love, and still being surrounded by my horses and animals.

I live in a village on the South Downs in West Sussex. I have two beautiful grown up daughters, and a small grandson, of whom I am extremely proud. I am very lucky to own a smallholding in a nearby village, where I keep my five horses and ponies.The Arabian colt foal  “Zircon Prince Rasheem”, who I bought as a 3 week old foal  in 1983 is now a very old man, 31 years old on 14th February 2014. He is no longer a stallion, although he sired quite a few foals when I stood him at stud. I have his lovely purebred daughter,  Breeze, who I ride, two of his pony daughters, and his grandson. I also have a number of chickens, four cats, a house rabbit, and one small dog, who accompanies me everywhere,.

I  have a small vegetable plot on my land, where, with the help of my daughter, we try  and grow some of our own vegetables. We do seem  to end up feeding most of the local wildlife as well - we have a wealth of rabbits, deer and slugs which take a hearty chunk of anything we grow!

I continue to learn and develop my Artwork. As well as commissioned portraits I have started to work on my own  inspirations and ideas, and to develop unique animal based paintings and drawings. I am very interested in wildlife, so when I am not working on commissions, I have begun to produce wildlife studies as well. I have attended workshops to learn new techniques, and I am a friend of the Society of Equestrian Artists.
Riding along the South Downs on my lovely 
home-bred Arab mare Breeze. Summer 2012

“Zircon Prince Rasheem”

My old boy!

31 years old on 14th February 2014.

Purchased as a 3 week old foal in March 1983!